Our Strenght

Altun Döküm has become one of the leading brands in its sectors by achieving success throughout the country with its wide product range. With years of experience and knowledge, it specializes in Aluminum Casting and carefully carries out P&D applications in all production processes. With its experienced and professional staff in all areas it specializes in, as well as its production in international technology standards, it successfully applies many casting methods such as injection, low pressure sand, low pressure gravity, tilting. Altun Döküm, which continues its digital transformation in an innovative way, is a company that comes to the fore in mold making. Altun Döküm, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction with its fast production and fast turnaround thanks to its proximity to the raw material supplier, has registered its quality and success by obtaining internationally valid quality certificates. Since it cares about educating knowledgeable and experienced engineers for future generations, it regularly cooperates with universities. Altun Döküm, which provides trust to all its partners with its solid and sustainable capital structure, always produces quality products with the importance it gives to the world and the environment. It has been working for years with the principle of leaving a clean living space for future generations.

Our Policy

  • To provide satisfaction in quality, deadline, price and all other issues of the customer.
  • To ensure employee satisfaction by giving importance to training and increasing motivation without compromising our ethical values.
  • To improve quality levels by supporting our suppliers
  • To use human, environmental and environmental resources regularly to follow modern technology in production, management and control
  • To raise awareness about the protection of the environment in which we work and occupational health and safety.
  • To fulfill the applicable conditions and to continuously improve the system.
  • To make our company more efficient and profitable by reducing costs and waste rates.
  • To compete with other companies in the sector by increasing the quality.
  • To reach the highest quality for the interests of our country, to reduce foreign dependency and to be capable to compete globally.