About Us

ALTUN DOKUM which has been continuing its activities in the casting and processing of aluminum and its alloys since 1977, has always adopted the principle of quality since the day it was founded. It continues its path as a solution partner for the energy, industrial, aerospace and defense industries by applying technology to continue its development.

Our professional team is equipped with the knowledge gained from the foundation and the quality of the material sent as part of the general quality understanding, the technological standards of the employee who provides ALTUN DOKUM quality service as a whole until the casting, a process that is successfully applied in all the most advanced production processes in the world. the well-known world. It has become one of the leading names in the sector thanks to its ability to produce alloys with first-quality raw materials in accordance with customer requests. We have chosen the best casting method suitable for the part and the technical characteristics of the part; die casting and model designs are produced by our expert team with CAD programs, the production of the design verified by casting simulation is carried out with CNC machines in our mold department. ALTUN DOKUM carries out mold production from mold model design, heat treatment casting, machining and non-destructive testing in its facilities by specialized personnel under the same roof. The molds and models produced by our mold department are transported to the foundry for sample castings. In the analysis specified by the customer, the melt mine is prepared and discharged according to the parameters determined in the simulation. The necessary controls are carried out by our quality unit at every stage of production. After the casting parts are adjusted, they are transferred to the machining department to be processed in precise dimensions in accordance with the customer's request and ready for shipment after the final checks. Gravity casting (sand or die ) ; low pressure sand or die casting; high pressure die casting ; tilting casting methods can be realized within our company . The most appropriate casting method according to the geometry of the part , the requested quality requirements and the quantities are determined by our expert team in the field of production.

ALTUN DOKUM, which attaches importance to quality development since the day it was founded, first received the ISO 9002: 1994 certificate from Good in 2001. By renewing the certificate over the years, it continuously maintains the quality understanding of 9001: 2015, which it received in 2018. When he started working in the aviation industry, he received the 9100 D certificate in 2021.

As the ALTUN DOKUM family, with the importance it attaches to human resources, it monitors and implements educational activities, social activities and programs that primarily support personal development. We are proud to be in the service of the Turkish Industry since 1977 on this path, where we have adopted the understanding of fast and error-free production with the understanding of general quality and the use of first-quality materials. ALTUN DOKUM is your sustainable solution partner in all kinds of sizes and weights that you design with aluminum and alloys.